Yes Your "Sad" Song is Needed

Yes Your

You've written a sad song. You've been told by music publishers, we don't need more sad songs. Or, you've been told, write up-tempo, feel-good music...that's what sells. We absolutely need uplifting, upbeat, positive music...but, there is someone who needs to hear that sad song.

The 16 year old girl, who just slammed her bedroom door in anger, because she feels as if no one understands her. She needs to know you empathize with her.

The 25 year old man, who just lost his job. Maybe he doesn't need to hear a song about hope just yet. Maybe first, he needs to know you have gone through what he is now going through.

The 42 year old widow. The feeling forgotten 60 year old. They need to hear your song. They will hear it and feel, "Wow, I'm not the only one". And then she can proceed to seek and find other songs to lift her higher, and higher.

How will they hear your song, if you listen to the people saying they don't need your song? They are right...they don't. The people above, do.

Find those who need to hear your song, and let nothing stop you.

Be encouraged.