Are your songs going to waste?

Are your songs going to waste?

If you've ever been to a store, or shopped online, and made a purchase...there are millions of products you did not buy. Why? You did buy something right? That means you wanted, or needed something, and went to fulfill your want or need. You didn't buy what you didn't want, and you didn't buy what you didn't need. 

But do you know what happened after you made your purchase, and checked out? Someone else went and bought something you didn't buy, because they needed it, or wanted it. The maker of the product did not remove it from the shelf, and walk away defeated. No, they made it, because they believed in it, and they knew someone would want it or need it. 

So it is with your song. You had an idea, spent time to develop it, build it, re-work it into something you believed in. Perhaps you then had it recorded, mixed, mastered, and began to do something with it. Now you may be weeks, months, or years from when you created it, but maybe nothing has ever happened with it. Is your song available for someone who wants or needs it? 

Be encouraged.