Are you a Songwriter/Artist who releases your own music?

As a writer/artist who releases your own music, you need to continually be empowered and encouraged. We face constant rejection, which breeds self-doubt. All the while we see, hear, and obsess over the success others achieve, and inappropriately de-value ourselves if we don't reach an ill-perceived expectation of someone else. We then make excuses as to why our song(s) don't get used or reach their intended audience, not realizing that we most likely never defined what we want from our songs, what our plan is for our songs, or worse, stopped putting in the time and effort supporting our songs because someone didn't like it, didn't use it, or didn't react to it in a way we hoped they would. 

So...what are we going to do about it?

We will define what success is for each of our works. We will have goals for our songs, and specific plans to reach those goals. We will take the time to carry out our plans for each song, and not stop until the song has reached the goal(s) we set for it.

Welcome to The Song Scope. What will you do with your song next?